Beauveria Bassiana

Beauveria bassiana is highly useful in controlling insect pests. At Vox AgroTech, Beauveria bassiana is available as talc based formulation with high density spore population. This product is also available as combined formulation with metarrhizum, verticullium and Paeciliomyces. 

Brand name: VOX Bioguard 

Product Details: 


Mother culture of Beauveria bassiana was sourced from Project Directorate of Biological Control (PDBC), Bangalore. Beauveria bassiana, mass multiplied from virulent and pure mother culture is supplied as talc based formulation. The product will have a minimum population of 1x 107 (CFUs)/g. 


Talc carrier based product. The product has minimum shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture.  


  • Beauveria bassiana 1% (w/w)
  • Sticking agent – CMC – 1%. 
  • Inactive Ingredients 98.0%  (Moisture 35%, talc 63%)


The product is available in attractive one kg laminated poly pouches. The packing is moisture and proof and well tolerates transportation and handling. The product is also supplied in bulk packing of 50kg/25 kg sizes in HDPE bags.       

Description about the product: 

Beauveria bassiana is an insect-pathogenic fungus found naturally on some plants and in the soil. Beauveria bassiana kills the pest by infection as a result of the insect coming into contact with fungal spores. Epizootics are favored by warm, humid weather. It is known as the white muscardine fungus because infected insect larvae eventually turn white or gray. Beauveria is used as a fungal microbial insecticide in some countries. It has an extensive host list that includes such important pests as whiteflies, aphids, grasshoppers, termites, Colorado potato beetle, Mexican bean beetle, Japanese beetle, boll weevil, cereal leaf beetle, bark beetles, lygus bugs, chinch bug, fire ants, European corn borer, codling moth, and Douglas fir tussock moth. For best results, applications should be made during the early growth stages of the insect before much damage has occurred, as it may take several days for the insect to die. Speed of kill depends on the number of spores contacting the insect, insect age, susceptibility and environmental conditions.

Method of application:

Soil application: For one acre mix about 3 kgs of Vox Bioguard with 100 kgs of compost, keep the mixture under shade with sufficient moisture content (30%) for one week time and broadcast in the field. 

Pit application: For plantation crops like Banana, sprinkle 25 grams of Vox Bioguard in the pit before planting. After planting, about 25 grams of Vox Bioguard can be mixed with compost and sprinkled around the tree trunk in the soil. 

Foliar spray: Mix 2 kg inoculants in 100L of water for one acre and spray. 

Recommended crops: 

VOX Bioguard is recommended for all crops in all the seasons at early insect pest incidence stages. Using the product after severe pest incidence may become ineffective. 


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