Phosphobacteria means microbial inoculants capable of phosphate solubilizing nature. Commonly used Phosphobacteria is Bacillus megaterium.Phosphobacteria is suitable for all crops. Vox Agrois capable to produce ten tonnes of technical grade Phosphobacteria per day. This product is available as single inoculant formulation and in combination withPseudomonas striata as combined formulation. 

Brand name: VOX Nitromax 

Product Details: 


The product is developed as a combination of two phosphate solubilizing bio inoculants. Vox Phosphomax has a combination two bio inoculants viz., Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas striata. Mother culture for the bio inoculant was procured from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Vox Phoshphomax is produced by culturing mother culture with insoluble source of phosphates. This ensures the ability of culture insoluble source of phosphates under field conations.


The product is available as liquid formulation and lignite carrier based formulation. 


  • Bacillus megaterium & Pseudomonas striata  1% (w/w)
  • Sticking agent – CMC – 1%.
  • Inactive Ingredients 98.0% (w/w) (Moisture 35%, lignite 63%)


Carrier based formulation is available in attractive one kg laminated poly pouches. The packing is moisture proof and well tolerates transportation and handling. The product is also supplied in bulk packing of 50kg/25 kg sizes in HDPE bags.   

 Liquid formulation is available in one Ltr HDPE containers and in 200 Ltr barrels. 


Phosphobacteria means microbial inoculants capable of solubilizing phosphate. Commonly used Phosphobacteria is Bacillus megaterium. Around 95-99% of the total soil phosphorus is insoluble which is directly not available to plants. Multiplies fast in the root zone. The P-solubilizers containing bacteria or fungi may convert isolable form of phosphate to soluble form by producing organic acids in general. About 15-25% of insoluble phosphate can be solubilized, saving chemical fertilizers significantly. Phosphobacteria can solubilize about 30 kg of insoluble source of phosphorus and making it available to plants. Application of phosphobacteria along with nitrogen fixing bacteria promotes growth and yield of the crops by 30%.

Method of application:

PSB can be used for all crops including paddy, millets, oilseeds, pulses and vegetables. Methods recommended for application are:

• Seed treatment

• Seedling dipping

• Soil application

Seed treatment

For one kg of seeds about 40 grams of Vox Phosphomax product is required. Mix required quantity of Phosphomax with equal quantity of Rice gruel. With this mixture, mix the required amount of seeds shade dry and after 24 hours, use the seeds for sowing. 

Seedling Root dip: 

Mix 2 Kg of Vox Phosphomax with 50 lits of water. In this mixture, keep the seedling roots in immersed condition for 10 minutes and use the seedlings for transplantation in the field. 

Soil application: 

Mix about 5 kgs Vox Phosphomax with 100 kgs of organic manure, keep the mixture under shade for one week and apply to the soil. 

Drip irrigation: 

Dilute five kgs of Vox Phosphomax in 100 litrs of chemicals free, good quality water. Filter the mixture with a pure cloth; use the filtered solution in drip irrigation for one acre.  


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"We specialise in scientific farming of Amla, Coffee, Pepper, Butter Fruit, Sapota, Lemon, Jamun Fruit, Red Chilly, Fennel Seed, Clove, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cardamomand Orange by adopting intensive organic farming technique, high density planting, solar powered drip irrigation system, hybrid seed and plant selection, employing most modern farms equipments with effective management to aim for off season production.."

We also have a cattle farm raising local breeds of Goats, Sheeps and Cows from which we generate the organic manure required for our farms.

The Farms are located at Tindivanam, Paramakudi, Kodaikanal, Dindugal and Ramanathapuram spread over an extent of over 2400 acres.

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