Trichoderma Harzianum

At Vox Agro, we have special expertise in large scale mass production of Trichoderma harzianum. We are capable to produce about 10 tonnes of high quality (minimum 107 CFU per gram). Trichoderma harzianum technical grade formulation per day. 

Brand name: VOX Tricon H


Mother culture of Trichoderma harzianum was sourced from Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), Bangalore. Trichoderma harzianum, mass multiplied from virulent and pure mother culture is supplied as talc based formulation. The product will have a minimum population of 1x 107 (CFUs)/g. 


• Trichoderma harzianum  1% (w/w)

• Sticking agent – CMC – 1%

• Inactive Ingredients 98.0% (w/w)  (Moisture 35%, talc 63%)


The product is available in attractive one kg laminated poly pouches. The packing is moisture and proof and well tolerates transportation and handling. The product is also supplied in bulk packing of 50kg/25 kg sizes in HDPE bags.   

Description about the product: 

Trichoderma spp. are fungi that are present in nearly all soils and other diverse habitats. Trichoderma are known for their production of several lytic enzymes and antibiotics, among them T. viride and T. harzianum are commercialized. Strains of those species are widely used in biocontrol of soilborne plant-pathogenic fungi occurring in the most extreme to the most mundane of habitats. Many physiological, antifungal, and insecticidal activities have been attributed to this species. Trichoderma colonizes roots, attack, parasitize (mycoparasitism) and gain nutrition from pathogen. 

Mode of disease control:

Trichoderma fungus is well known for disease and nematode control of crop plants. Trichoderma controls diseases by the production of several lytic enzymes and antibiotics controlling disease causing microbes. Trichoderma controls nematode infestation by feeding on infective nematodes. These fungi compete with other disease causing microbes for nutrients and space. These fungi increase the rate of plant growth and development, by developing more robust roots. These deep roots cause crops, such as corn, and ornamental plants, to become more resistant to drought. 

• Trichoderma also solubilizes phosphates and micro nutrients.

• Trichoderma harzianum produces enzymes such as protease which controls Botrytis cinerea.

• Trichoderma are also helpful in solubilization and sequestration of inorganic nutrients.

• Induces defense responses in crop plants ( Induced resistance ).

• Inactivation of the pathogen’s enzymes.

Method of application:

Seed treatment: 

For one kg of seeds about 40 grams of Trichoderma product is required. Mix required quantity of Trichoderma with equal quantity of Rice gruel . With this mixture, mix the required amount of seeds shade dry and after 24 hours, use the seeds of sowing. 

Seedling Root dip: 

Mix 2 kg of Trichoderma with 50 lits of water. In this mixture, keep the seedling roots in immersed condition for 10 minutes and use the seedlings for transplantation in the field.

Soil application:

Mix about 5 kgs Trichoderma with 100 kgs of organic manure, keep the mixture under shade for one week and apply to the soil. 

Recommended crops: 

Trichoderma viridi along with Pseudomonas fluorescens is recommended for all crops in all the seasons for disease control and plant growth promotion.

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